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About Martine



How nice that you come to take a look at my website and great that you want to know more about me and Martine Samplonius Photography.


My name is Martine Samplonius, 29 years old and born and raised in beautiful Friesland. We have been living in our house in Tjerkgaast since 2015 with my friend Marcel and our rabbit Pip. Besides that, we prefer to go on holiday with our Volkswagen camper bus and we travel from Norway to Bosnia (and beyond).


In 2017 I started an interior account on Instagram to post pictures of our interior. ( )

Soon I bought a second-hand SLR camera to see if it would be something for me. A new love was born!


I started shooting in automatic mode and I had never heard of an exposure triangle. I have now completed an education at the Fotovakschool and my Canon and I have become real "cameras".


I have a fascination for photography, people and interiors, which can of course be combined perfectly as a photographer.

On December 1, 2020 I took the plunge and traveled to Leeuwarden to register with the Chamber of Commerce, Martine Samplonius Photography will be a fact from January 1, 2021!


Can I come and capture your memories with my camera?



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